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# Portfolio

## Introduction

An important note to make is that most of the code here is a.) old and b.) was not really engineered.

## CPP-Manager

Code: GitHub

This is a program I wrote that is basically a C++ console IDE. It can generate projects, classes, namespaces and more. It can automatically build and run a project with one command and it also does automatic version control using Git.

The main reason I wrote this was because the C++ course I was required to take used Visual Studios. I'm not the biggest fan of Visual Studios and I wanted to do all of my C++ in Linux with Sublime Text as my editor. It ended up working out pretty well to be honest. There was a ton of people who were like 'I have no idea what's wrong with my code. The only error Visual Studio seems to give me is "PROGRAM HAS STOPPED WORKING."' and I'm over here like 'huh. g++ gives me a ton of information when there are any issues.'

By far, my most favorite thing about it is creating a new project. Visual Studios, you have to do all this clicking and then it takes a year and a half to actually generate the files and open it up and I'm just like '$ cpp-man create project test' and done!

## PHP Web Shell

Code: GitHub

The PHP Web Shell Terminal is a website I wrote a while back. All the CSS, HTML, JS, and PHP are all on one page. The main idea behind the script is that you upload it to the website that you own and you are able to run Bash commands as if it was a regular terminal.

PHP Web Shell Terminal
It has some pretty sweet features. The terminal runs on AJAX so if you do 'ls', it will print the output to the terminal without having to reload the page, etc. The built-in commands are also really nice. Because of how most web shells work, you are not able to run commands that require terminal input, such as less (IE: cat file | less). This terminal has some of these functions built-in so for instance you are able to send the command 'less filename' and the terminal will get the contents of the file and display it with the format of less with the ability to scroll through it with arrow keys. There is also a lessl command which will display the line numbers to the left. The terminal also gives you the ability to upload files to the server, open the contents of a file in a new tab, and clear the terminal. ### NASA Robotics Mining Competition Code Code: GitHub Information: Index